Q: What should I expect during my Irrigation Service?

A: Thank you for inquiring about the Fast Lawnscapes Irrigation service!

Our first step is to do a service call and assess your system. Most problems can be addressed the same day by our experienced technicians and fully stocked irrigation trucks. The rate for the service call will be $89.00 for the first ½  hour of our crew on site. This includes all parts and labor. Our rate is discounted after that first 30 minutes, and we will bill at a rate of $80/hour for each tech on site.  This does not include the cost of any timers, drip lines, cement donuts, or valves, but all pipes, sprinkler heads, nozzles are included in this hourly rate.

During your service call, you can expect that our trained tech will determine the cost of the estimated work.  In many cases, for head adjustments and sprinkler repairs, we can complete those repairs within the initial ½ hour service call. We will go ahead and make any repairs up to $300 without preparing a quote for approval.  If the estimated cost of the repair is more than $300.00, we will provide you with an estimate after that initial service call, and we will need to receive your authorization before proceeding with the job.

We make every effort to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses for irrigation work by having everything we need on our truck.  If we don’t have what you need to finish the job, we will not charge you for a second service call - we’ll just bill any additional work at the $80/hour rate.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

We are looking forward to working with you. Have a great day!

Q: How will I know when you are coming to perform service?

A: You will receive a notification in the morning on the day we are coming to perform service. Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather, we do not schedule a time window in advance. We dispatch jobs for each crew in the morning. You will receive a text or email notification. This notification will tell you that a team is on their way and what service they will be performing. You can update your communication preferences, including how you receive dispatch and scheduling notifications, by calling, emailing, texting our office. On occasion, we will dispatch jobs later in the day due to scheduling changes.

Q: Do you have a referral program?

A: Yes!
Anyone you refer who signs up for recurring gold full service will earn you referral credit. Both you and the person you refer will receive a $25 credit to your account. Refer as many people as you want; there are no limits! Please note that the person you refer must be in our service area.

Q: How do I provide feedback on your work?

A: About every 30 days, you will receive a one-click survey via email asking you to rate your service on a scale of one to ten. There is also an option to leave comments about the service if you choose. It is the best way to provide feedback about each service. You can always email us at info@fastlawns.net or call us at 941.776.5111.

Q: Should I respond to the quality survey?

A: Yes, we ask all of our customers to respond to this one-click survey each month. Our crews have specific performance goals to meet each day, week and month. The most important of these goals is to earn an average minimum star rating from the clients they serve. So, your response to this survey helps determine crew bonuses. It keeps your lawn crew motivated to do their absolute best to earn a top rating from you each month. It also is the best way to notify us if there is a problem, so we can get to work fixing it ASAP. If there's ever an issue, you don't have to wait for the survey — please bring it to our attention immediately so we can resolve the situation.

Q: Can I add on a task while you're on my property?

A: We can not accommodate requests to perform additional out-of-scope work while on your property. A common example is mow-only clients who ask us to trim their hedges while on-site. Sometimes, you may have something extra you'd like done while a landscaping crew is on your property, like weeding or picking up debris. Our teams are trained to perform the task you hired us for thoroughly and efficiently. They have performance goals they are trying to reach each day. If you have other work you would like done, we will be more than happy to provide you with a quote.

Q: Should I tip the crew?

A: Tips are never expected, but you may tip the crew if you wish. The best way to tip your crew is to give them a ten rating on the feedback survey. Because this feedback is tied directly to crew bonuses, it's like tipping your team — on our dime! If you do want to do something nice for them, you're given the option to tip when you pay your invoice, and we thank you because our teams really appreciate it!

Q: What if I'm unhappy with my service?

A: Let us know immediately by either replying to the one-click survey, emailing us, or calling us at 941.776.5111. We strive to communicate job expectations clearly and thoroughly with our customers, and we hold ourselves accountable to these expectations. If we determine a service was not performed correctly, we will send out a Rescue Tech to fix the problem as soon as possible, at no charge to you. If there was a miscommunication about job expectations, we will talk with you and do our absolute best to find a solution that works for everyone.

Q: What area do you service?

A: We service the Manatee County area for lawn and landscape maintenance. For landscape design and installation, we service the Sarasota, Manatee and Hillsborough County areas.

Q: What are the landscape terms and conditions?

A: Check our complete list of terms and conditions applicable.

Q: What are the general maintenance terms and conditions?

A: Check our complete list of terms and conditions applicable.

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